(TP2700WC) ProWeatherStation Data Logging Wireless Weather Station

(TP2700WC) ProWeatherStation Data Logging Wireless Weather Station

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  • Plug and Play – Easy setup and operation
  • 48 sec data update, instantaneous average and peak
  • Inside and Outside Temperature and Humidity
  • Solar Insolation and UV Index Measurement
  • Wind Speed and Direction Including Average and Gust
  • Wind Chill and Dew Point Temperature Display
  • Barometric Pressure with last 12hr history
  • Rain Gauge with Last Hour, Day, Week, Month or Total
  • RCC Clock, Moon Phase and Weather Forecast
  • Built-in Data Logging for 4080 Readings: Unlimited with PC
  • Settable Alarms and Resettable Min/Max History
  • User Programmable Calibration Factors
  • Up to 300 Feet Wireless Range Between Transmitter and Base Station
  • Solar Powered Transmitter with 2 AA Rechargeable Batteries
  • Free WeatherSmart Windows and Mac Software with WeatherUnderground Upload


  • Weather Tracking and Forecasting
  • Solar Insolation Site Survey – Measure how much sun power is available at a particular site
  • Wind Turbine Site Survey – Record wind speed at site over time to determine available true wind power
  • Remote Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

The ProWeatherStation™ is a high performance wireless data logging weather station with advanced sensor technology resulting in good accuracy at a low cost. It provides instantaneous and historical data on Inside and Outside Temperature and Humidity, Wind Speed (average and gust), Wind Direction, Solar Intensity and UV Index, Barometric Pressure and Rainfall. The backlit base station logs 4080 data points with adjustable (16 second minimum) sample interval. There is a memory meter on the display that shows when the memory is getting full so the data can be downloaded and archived to a computer thru the built in USB port and included WeatherSmart software. The WeatherSmart software also allows for uploading real-time data to WeatherUnderground.
The unit has a radio controlled clock (WWVB) for improved accuracy. The Base Station runs on 3 AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries and can be mounted up to 300 feet away from the transmitter/sensor array. To extend battery life the Base Station can also be powered through USB (included) or a 5V AC Adapter (sold separately). The transmitter/sensor array is solar powered and with 2 AA rechargeable batteries it will run for many years so there are no worries with mounting the array on top of a building or tower.
The ProWeatherStation™ comes with an advanced solar powered sensor array (anemometer, direction meter, temp/humidity sensor, rain gauge, 0.8”OD x 22.5” stainless mounting pole), wireless base station/display, USB cable for connection to a PC, WeatherSmart software and pipe clamps for mounting the sensor array to a mast. Note: 3 AA alkaline or Lithium batteries are required but not included.

Weight: 7lbs


4 Stars
Better than an Oregon Scientific at half the price!
I have been very impressed with the features and detail that this weather station offers. The base stations is very well laid out with every detail you would want with plenty of option to calibrate and fine tune the readings and settings. The transmission distance is being pushed and with a metal roofed house I am yet to experience any drop outs. Thats more than i can say for the OS WR200A which i have had 2 of now and have had no end of issues and reliability and twice the cost of Tycon.The WeatherSmart software included works perfectly and retails all the information with the ability to view historical graphics and expert the Excel file. I subscribe to the Weatherundergound service and the Weathersmart software is syncing perfectly.I had one small issue with initial USB sync to base station settings, but got very quick support and solution from the tech team.I have just one bit of criticism and thats with the base stations forecast weather icon. It is much lighter in contrast to the rest of the read outs. I can barely make out the cloudy with rain icon and i have everything set to high contrast. Its probably my first go to view before temp etc. Worth considering a fix in future versionsOtherwise love it
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Reviewed by:  from . on 5/27/2015
4 Stars
Works fine, if no RFI
If outdoor data dropouts (seen from base stn) seem random, a fluorescent fixture w/ eBallast could be implicated. See eg: http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21977&showall=1
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Reviewed by:  from . on 7/17/2015
3 Stars
Decent hardware, poor software
I like the TP2700WC a lot. The hardware is decent quality for the price. The instructions were poor, and the cable lengths are somewhat odd. There were tie wraps included, but they were too big, and not enough for a neat installation. The unit worked as advertised, but occasionally, the data would stop being received. Disconnecting the base from the computer and restarting the software resolved the issue. I have upgraded to the latest software, and it again stopped communicating with the unit. The distance between the unit and the base is about 60 feet, from one end of the house to the other. It's unfortunate that the software has little to know diagnostics, and the menu systems are antiquated with multiple popups when you change a setting and save and exit. In any case, overall, I'm OK with the unit. I will investigate 3rd party software to see if it resolves the connection issue. Oh - the connection to the Weather Underground is how I'm doing most of my debugging since it has notification when your PWS doesn't respond. >From Tycon: Have you tried the latest V1.7 of the software? Some of the issues with Windows has been addressed in the V1.7 software. Be sure to uninstall previous versions before installing V1.7
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Reviewed by:  from Montvale, NJ. on 4/26/2016
4 Stars
Works as advertised, for the most part.
Some weak points. At peak insol, W/m^2 about 4% shy of a nearby Davis stn (and theoretical, on a clear day). Method for adjusting Relative baro is annoying (at least near 3,000 ft elev., which required hundreds of button presses on the base stn).Another annoyance is random hangs of the WeatherSmart software.Tycon: Please download the latest Weathersmart Software from proweatherstation.com
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Reviewed by:  from . on 5/3/2015
4 Stars
Been good so far
Has been using the pro weather station for 3 weeks now. Been good so far. Stable reception and data logging. Battery life is better than expected. (Battery still going strong after 3 weeks).
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Reviewed by:  from . on 4/12/2015
4 Stars
Wx Station
I am happy with this weather station although I find the software a bit finicky.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 3/14/2015
5 Stars
Private Citizen
Easy to setup. Software simple to configure the way I want it. Quality unit. I've had it in place only a week but I'm impressed with it. Great inexpensive unit.
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Reviewed by:  from Illinois. on 1/20/2017
4 Stars
A feature rich station with a few caveats, some of which have been noted. RFI will definitely kill the signal if the wrong equipment is near the base station. Try different locations or if as in my case you have a fluorescent lamp nearby, switch the bulb to incandescent. Forget using the RCC time signal and just set the date and clock manually as in my case the time setting is always incorrect by about 8 or 10 minutes. Just turn the function off. When you load the software, on the drop down menu select your language first, then set your configurations. I could not save my settings until after I selected my language. This happened on three different computers. I have not placed the transmitter in it permanent location yet, so I'm not certain about the range. Overall for the money this appears to be a good system. Uploads to WU with ease.
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Reviewed by:  from Rockville, Va. on 10/8/2016
4 Stars
Hi I got this to make modifications to the solar shield for more correct temperature and modify the rain gauge with a heater to melt ice and snow. Haven't started it up yet will be working on it for a while longer then I will rate again 4 stars for now. Jack
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Reviewed by:  from 65775. on 8/26/2016
4 Stars
The TP2700WC is a decent personal weather station for the price. It was very easy to set up and get on WeatherUnderground too. It has sensors for Wind (speed and direction), rain, humidity, air pressure, temperature, and UV. It all works nicely, but its pagoda (Stevenson Screen) is where the joy stops. it provides little or no isolation from direct solar effects that alter the apparent temperature it senses. Furthermore, since the UV sensor is mounted on top of the pagoda with a very short cable, you cannot move it for another accommodation. Otherwise, it is a nice bit of kit.
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Reviewed by:  from Hampton, VA. on 7/31/2016

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