(TPBAT12-50) 12V 51AH GEL SLA Battery

(TPBAT12-50) 12V 51AH GEL SLA Battery

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Tycon Power Systems

12V 51AH GEL Sealed Lead Acid Battery.
3/8" Flag Type Terminals for universal connection

Deep Cycle Solar Battery - GEL for best performance in all temperatures (-60 to +60C)

- Sealed and Maintenance Free
- Polypropylene Containers and Covers
- Safety Valve for Ultimate Safety; Prevents Overpressure
- Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery Performance - Highly Resistant to Vibration and Shock
228 x 139 x 235mm (9 x 5.5 x 9.24”) 16.8kg (37lb)


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